First Week

Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of THWBlog! As promised above, both this page and its accompanying social media outlets will begin livening up from tomorrow! I hope everyone enjoys it, but if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Now, here’s a little information about what to expect this week…

The First Post

After much deliberation, I’ve decided my first post will be a summary of the research project I carried out in the final year of my undergraduate degree. This piece concerns the employment rights of irregular migrants in the UK, and argues that the current structure for the protection of such rights is unsatisfactory.

Although I would describe this as well within this blog’s scope, the main reason I have chosen to do so is to offer readers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with my style of writing. The project overall was over 5000 words, so I have decided to split it into 3 parts; An introduction to the series and brief definition of the illegality doctrine, the problems it causes in both contractual and tortious claims. The final part will be recommendations made to help stop the negative effects the doctrine’s application has on irregular migrant workers (illegal immigrants).

This first post shall be published towards the end of this week, so watch this space!

Social Media

As well as the reasons stated above, the choice of article allows me to concentrate a little more on ensuring THWBlog’s Facebook and Twitter pages are ready and working efficiently. My aim with these pages is to create a hub for readers, where they can see the latest articles, legal updates and other information all in one place, with regards to human rights. Furthermore, as I will be personally managing these pages, they will offer a quick way for you to contact me with any queries or comments you may have.

Useful Links

The “Useful Links” tab has now been updated to give you a few excellent pages and blogs to follow if you have a particular interest in human rights, equality and current affairs in general. This includes the usernames of some Twitter users who provide constant information about the progression of human rights law. Useful links will continue to be added for the foreseeable future, so ensure you continue to use the tab!

Other Points of Interest

I wanted to end this little update by letting you all know about what is hopefully coming up over the next month or so…

With new articles being posted at least fortnightly, THWBlog is currently planning numerous articles regarding topics such as trying to work out a clear definition of human rights, the current crisis regarding migrants in Calais, as well as a piece regarding Islamaphobia, so do please keep coming back!

Furthermore, I am currently in the process of organising a number of guest writers publishing posts on THWBlog, to offer some different angles on a range of current affairs and hopefully allowing you all to see and analyse differing approaches to current human rights issues. I am hoping the first of these articles will be published at the start of September.

Finally I want to say thank you for visiting my blog. It has been so exciting for me to set this up and I really hope you enjoy the posts and social media updates. Please ensure to keep commenting on posts, and also feel free to contact me on here, social media, or alternatively via my e-mail (in the “Contact Us” tab) if you have any queries or suggestion for THWBlog. I look forward to speaking to you all in the near future!



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