An Introduction to our Guest Writer…

Hello everyone!

This week will be the first post on THWBlog from a guest writer. I am currently organising a number of posts in the near future from people who will offer perhaps slightly different perspectives and concentrate on a wider scope of areas, so hopefully you have a greater choice of articles to read! This is an exciting addition to the blog for me and I hope you enjoy it too. The first guest post will be posted on Friday, but in the meantime, here is a small introduction to the first of the writers in this series; a very good friend of mine called Fionn:

I’m Fionn O’Donovan. I recently graduated from Brasenose College, University of Oxford, with a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and next month I will begin studying for an MRes in Philosophy at the University of Reading. In my postgraduate work, I will be seeking to contribute to the area philosophers call meta-ethics, dealing with questions such as what ethics is, how it relates to strategy, and why, if at all, some ethical principles are better than others. It is a goal of mine to start as many conversations about ethics as possible. In connection with my ideas about the relationship between ethics and strategy, I am also interested in applying ethics to more practical subjects like politics, and nationalism in particular. If you are interested in any of these issues or ideas, feel free to read more on my blog,, or get in touch on twitter, @FODonovan.

In my forthcoming guest post for The Human Writes Blog, I’m going to examine the topics of nationalism and discrimination. In particular I will be pondering the following questions: what is nationalism? Is it a form of discrimination, and if so, is it a problematic one? What effect might our answer to these questions have on our view of human rights legislation and wider political issues today (such as the “refugee crisis” and Britain’s membership of the European Union)?



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