Jeremy Corbyn is Right: The UK Should Not Bomb Syria

This article from Benjamin Studebaker is quite easily the most coherent article I have seen written on the Syrian conflict. For those of you who support the bombing of Syria, I urge you to read this. Bombing an ideology has for far too long been the ‘go-to’ choice for politicians. Corruption, terrorism and civil unrest are never destroyed by bombs. Such things are wiped out when (like Benjamin says) the power vaccuums they so often exploit are diminished. Only when countries such as Syria and Iraq have stable governments and the opportunities to utilise the materials they have to build a sustainable economy and in turn allow their people to potentially flourish will these evils truly weaken.

I have asked Benjamin a couple of questions about the article, the answers to which will appear at the bottom of his article when he has time to reply! I’m sure he’d be happy to do the same for anyone reading. A fantastic writer and certainly worth a follow if you can.


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