Trump is unpatriotic for wanting to “build walls” – here’s why…

Pope Francis recently stated that Donald Trump wants to “build walls and not build bridges” when discussing the policies he is promoting in his efforts to become the Republican candidate in the presidential elections at the end of this year. What Pope Francis was referring to, was the fact that Trump has repeatedly stated he wants to close off America to pretty much everyone who is not American (although, he wants to kick out some Americans too). For example, Trump thinks that the USA should prohibit Muslims from entering the country, as a counter-terrorism effort and his reasoning for this? To promote his nationalistic goals and protect America as “the greatest country on Earth”. However, in this article I’m going to argue that the measures Trump promotes are actually unpatriotic and make America look a far less great country than he argues it is, as it restricts the liberties and freedoms that America has built itself upon, as well as suggesting he wants to hide away from the problem of terrorism, instead of attempting to resolve the issues. Sorry Donald…

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Law and Human Rights in Iceland

Today’s article marks the start of my Travelling series on THWBlog – discussing law and human rights in numerous countries and states that I visit over the next four months approximately. My travels begin with a short trip to Iceland before visiting numerous parts of North and South America. Although articles will be less regular than usual, I hope it provides an insight for all of my readers into the practices of nations other than the UK. I hope you enjoy the series!

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