Useful Links – RightsInfo is a fantastic website to help those who have limited knowledge in human rights. Offering simple infographics to help its readers understand things such as important human rights cases in the UK and the European Court of Human Rights most recently. Definitely worth checking this out to help you gain a basic understanding of human rights principles. – The founder of RightsInfo, Adam Wagner, also runs the UK Human Rights Blog. As a barrister considering human rights cases, this blog provides more detailed discussions of human rights cases and progression in the law. Although some of the articles do need some knowledge of the current law and how it applies, the editors and writers do a fantastic job of explaining each article and its relation to human rights extremely well. Once you feel you have a basic knowledge of human rights and the current law, I would recommend reading this blog to keep you updated on changes in human rights law. – The Human Rights Watch is an NGO specialising in reporting and combatting human rights infringements. Winning a number of prizes related to their work in human rights, this site provides regular updates on human rights infringements worldwide and discusses what the organisation are doing to try and resolve such problems. A fantastic example of what can be done to stop these infringements that so many worldwide face, with the added benefit of giving us a real-life insight into what life is like for some where human rights are not protected as well as they are here in the UK . – Huffington Post has numerous writers which write intriguing articles, asking questions about rights that are often avoided or forgotten. A fantastically easy way to keep up with topics of discussion that may not reach you in the fundamentally mainstream media. – Amnesty International carry out some of the most formidable and important work in relation to the protection of human being worldwide, that any organisation can claim. Their website is incredibly easy to use, offering information on some of the most pressing issues people are facing, as well as discussing ways in which you can get involved and help those who need our aid so desperately. This is certainly an organisation to ensure you keep up-to-date with, as it is a rare resource discussing the incredible troubles so many face worldwide, that seemingly are not newsworthy otherwise. – For those reading with more of a legal background, I’m sure you all appreciate the importance of JUSTICE. Another easy to access website which lays out the work they do in relation to human rights, equality, justice and the application of the rule of law. A very resourceful and useful site for those looking to see perhaps more detail regarding human rights abuses. – The Guardian’s law page is an easy and simple way to keep up with the most fundamental legal headlines at the moment. There is also a human rights section, which again allows the reader to scan the headlines if necessary and see what is happening in the world.


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